“Awake, arise, or be forever fall’n.”


Sometimes the ending is all that matters.

I’ve been somewhat critical of Grimm’s inconsistency to maintain a strong hour of television that’s not related to advancing the story. Though ‘Wesen Nacht’ does give up more about the season’s big-bad,  for the most part, it’s a C-ranked episode. Until, that is, the final seconds.

Before we get to dessert, though, let’s start off with the meat and potatoes.

Trubel’s conversation with Adalind reveals the complicated feelings the former Hexenbiest has for Nick

Finally waking from her life-threatening ordeal, Trubel tries to get acclimated to the newest circumstances of Nick’s new normal with baby Kelly and Adalind. She fills the two in on where she’s been all this time. Hadrian’s Wall—aka HW—is a highly secret government organization fighting against the mysterious Uprising. This is not just some random Portland thing but a movement spanning the globe. The organization consists of Wesen as well as the Grimm they are trying to recruit towards the defense of the world as we know it.

Her information dump comes just as a coordinated attack on downtown Portland that generates massive vandalism, one death and the kidnapping of a Wesen shop owner rocks the city. The attacks span up through Eugene and Seattle and the familiar sign of the Uprising is left on the wall of the trashed bakery. Xavier, the kidnapped victim and owner of the bakery, is taken to an abandoned factory where he’s questioned about his relationship with Monroe. He eventually escapes, though his explanation is questionable at best, and when taken to the police station, reluctantly identifies Billie Trump as one of his kidnappers. The Portland PD brings Billie in for questioning but it’s not until Monrosalee arrives at the station that Xavier gets over his terror and testifies on Billie’s involvement.

A hard case, Billie refuses to cooperate until Nick reveals himself to be a Grimm. She flips on her people, pointing to Dallas Cruz

Our quintet of heroes walk into the most obvious of traps

as the man behind the attacks. After a bit of strong-arming, she agrees to set Cruz up back at the factory. While Rosalee takes a shaken Xavier home, Nick, Hank, Wu, Renard and Monroe follow Billie into the factory. It’s a bit too quiet though and Nick senses something’s not right. His hunch is validated when Rosalee, after connecting the dots with the discrepancies in Xavier’s story, calls to warn everyone. The quintet barely escapes the initial assault, holing themselves up in an office but are surrounded by more than a dozen attackers.

And then the screams come.

Knowing they can’t wait around, Nick ventures out from the shelter to find several of their attackers dead. He allows the sight to distract him and Dallas Cruz takes advantage. Putting

Nick to the ground, he moves to finish Nick but is hoisted into the air before being slammed down to his death. Hank and the others join a stunned Nick, but nothing can prepare any of them when Nick sees his savior…

Juliette Silverton, alive and well.

The Grimmtastic

  • I called it! Though it sounded like a wild guess at the time, earlier in the season I wondered if the monstrous thing Meisner was keeping in the cell was, in fact, a resurrected/transformed Juliette. Of course, the writers tried throwing us off when Meisner pulled Trubel from the exact same cell a few weeks ago. Sure, it brought to question what exactly he was doing to her in there but that was nothing more than a red herring. It was Juliette the whole time. Her Hexenbiest powers are still in full effect but it looks like HW has her fighting on the side of the white hats.
  • Though an interesting take, Monrosalee’s lesson that many of history’s greatest riots were driven by Wesen issues seemed to be a bit much. Humans are complicated enough where we don’t need to point the finger at those whose natural state is that of a beast. But Rosalee’s comment on history repeating itself because so few know the truth, well, truer words have never been spoken. But that’s conversation for another day.
  • Speaking of conversation, Renard finally throws his hat in the ring for Andrew Dixon’s mayoral campaign. I just can’t shake the feeling that Dixon has something to do with the Uprising or maybe Hadrian’s Wall. Oh, the possibilities…
  • Juliette’s return raises so many questions, chief amongst them is how will Adalind respond to the return of Nick’s woman. Her uncomfortable response to Trubel’s questions on her feelings for Nick was proof enough that she’s developing an attachment to him that goes beyond their baby boy. And it’s hard to believe Juliette won’t have some sort of animosity for Adalind’s previous machinations. It makes me believe that 2016 will be a monstrously entertaining year from Grimm.