In the final pages of ‘Batman and Robin’ #11, the Dynamic Duo were having a showdown with Terminus and his gang of mangled misfits in the middle of Gotham City. In an unusual twist, Terminus had manipulated Batman into showing his face in broad daylight for a change with the idea that Batman needed to be exposed as the true menace of Gotham.

This issue picks up in the middle of the action as Bruce and Damien throw down with Terminus and his goons. Terminus is wearing a massive techno-suit and giving Batman quite the run for his money. As the battle rages, Terminus keeps asking Batman to try and remember who Terminus was before, to which Batman replies, “seen one lunatic, you’ve seen them all!”

Batman remotely summons the Batmobile which brings him his own version of a power-suit similar to what he used when he battled the Court of Owl’s Talons in that storyline a few months ago. Now that Batman is on equal footing with Terminus, the fighting only manages to get more frantic. To add to the chaos, the other Robins (Red Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood) arrive to help Damian take on the rest of Terminus’ gang.

As Batman begins to get the upper hand, Terminus reveals that his true plan was never to just beat the Bat. He has something much more… terminal in mind. (Yeah… I went there.)

Peter Tomasi has delivered here the exact opposite of what Scott Snyder did this week over in ‘Batman’ #12. This issue is almost all action and it’s a good off-set to Snyder’s spin. But Tomasi does manage to sneak in some character growth between Nightwing and Damian in the final few pages.

Next month, we’ll get to see some more of our favorite spoiled Robin when we get “Robin’s Journey” in ‘Batman and Robin’ #0. See you then!

Verdict: Buy

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray
Cover by Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray