On ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’, returning actor Finn Wittrock portrayed Tristan, a pansexual fashion model who became The Countess’ latest romantic conquest.  But that didn’t stop Wittrock from taking a second role on the anthology series, playing real-life silent film actor Rudolph Valentino in a flashback to The Countess’ origin story.  We’ve long known that all seasons of ‘American Horror Story’ took place in the same universe and those stories began overlapping last season on ‘Freak Show’, but really began to clash together this year.  Season One’s realtor Marcy (Christine Estabrook) popped up to show the new owner of the Hotel Cortez around and in another flashback, The Countess (Lady Gaga) herself visited the titular ‘Murder House’ where she attempted to have an abortion… which went very, very wrong.

Now it has been revealed that Sarah Paulson, like Wittrock, will depict a second character and it’s one she’s played before.  In addition to playing ghost hooker Hypodermic Sally, she will reprise her Season One character, Billie Dean Howard.  If you recall, Billie Dean was a medium who served as a confidant to Jessica Lange’s character Constance.

Billie Dean will appear in the season finale, which airs on January 20.  In the episode, it will be revealed that she is now the star of her own reality TV series and has chosen the Hotel Cortez as a shooting location.  Considering that she can communicate with the dead and that this place has more deceased folks roaming the halls than living, this should be quite a visit!

One of the biggest mysteries of the season was just revealed last week.  One more new episode will air this year, next Wednesday the 16th.  The show will then take a brief hiatus before returning on January 6th, which kicks off the last three episodes.

Are there any other past characters you’d like to see return this season?  How do you think Billie Dean Howard’s visit to The Cortez is going to go?

Sources: Entertainment Weekly