There has been a flurry of talk that a ‘Dexter‘ revival might be in the works over the past week though Showtime has just confirmed that there are no plans to bring back the series at this time. Honestly the rumor started innocently enough from a bit of a festive Thanksgiving tweet which was taken the wrong way by fans hoping for a return of Michael C. Hall. They haven’t said that a continuation or a spinoff would never happen but with two years having passed, I wouldn’t hold my breath right now. Of course, ‘The X-Files‘, ‘Heroes Reborn‘, and ‘Twin Peaks‘ have proven that extended vacations don’t mean we won’t revisit a world at a later date.

The tweet in question?

It is easy to see why fans could take this to mean that ‘Dexter’ was set to return with the “Freshly Sharpened” part of the quote. However with the Turkey at the center and who all is on screen it should be quite obvious that this wasn’t eluding to more of America’s favorite serial killer.

For those who wanted to read more into it you have to realize that the network has been continuing the holiday themed tweets for quite some time having also sent out out on Halloween…

…and Friday the 13th.

So while ideas have been thrown around Showtime, there are no plans to bring back Dexter at this time. With how different the character would be from how the series concluded that might be for the best.

Were you hoping that this tweet signaled a comeback for ‘Dexter’? Do you think they could even remotely keep the almost light hearted aspects of the show intact with how Dexter surely changed in the season finale? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter