There was a lot of wondering if we might see the Man of Steel on CBS’s ‘Supergirl‘ and it seems like we’re actually going to get the earlyTteenager of Steel. CBS has officially announced that Superman will be coming to the series in 2016 only Kal-EL won’t be showing up as the older cousin that he has tended to be in previous iterations. While Superman has already been hinted at the show a few times and shown in the shadows, we’ll actually be having him fully showing up. How much interaction he’ll have with Supergirl remains to be seen, but as of now they’re looking for a 13 year old actor with “with future leading man looks”.

So how exactly does this work with the cameos that we’ve already been hinted at? Well, the 13 year old Superman will be on screen with Supergirl but it will be in the form of flashbacks. Chances are we’ll still see him mentoring a much younger Kara on how to live on earth but from a much younger perspective. There is no word as to if these flashbacks will be an ongoing plot device or just a one off for the series. Superman’s first appearance is set to be in episode 13 he’ll have an upwards of 10 episodes to show up in though I can’t imagine that we’ll be seeing flashbacks in each of these episodes.

With “future leading man looks,” it sounds as if they might have a trend of flashbacks to show how the pair’s relationship develops over the years. It brings up the question as to if we’ll actually see a grown up Superman down the line. I almost feel that this is a bit of a cop out on finding a way to show off Superman without having the modern Kal-EL actually showing up to help Kara.

Are you looking forward to see the relationship between Supergirl and her cousin develop in flashback form? Who would you like to see cast as a younger Kara? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider