“After three days and night,
And does not succeed
Shall be put to death.”

As Nick, Adalind, and baby Kelly settle into their new life, the Wesen world continues to turn and, this time it takes another page from fairy tales as three gallant knights look to win the hand of a fair maiden. Or something like that…

Nick and Adalind continue to get comfortable with one another

At the home of Daniel Troyer, three well to do Weten Ogen—Isaac, Eli, and Amos—stand before the patriarch and his daughter, Emily. “Tradition is our lifeblood,” Troyer begins, “Loyalty, trust and honor. Without these virtues family cannot survive. But is our traditions that hold us together.” After each man takes a golden feather from ‘the griffin’, Isaac is given the first opportunity to prove his worth by slaying Frankie Adkins, the man responsible for the death of Daniel Troyer’s son, and in turn, winning Emily’s hand in marriage. It seems to be an easy mission as Isaac has Frankie in his sights but, as he readies to deliver the final blow, a mysterious Weten Ogen takes Isaac out, tearing his throat out.

The following morning, Nick, Wu, and Hank are on the scene, gathering more information on the murderer-turned-victim, Isaac Proctor. Turns out he’s the son of criminal defense attorney Amanda Proctor. They run the news by Renard and the two detectives, along with their captain tell attorney Proctor of her son’s death. She mentions her son being invited to Daniel Troyer’s the previous night as a potential lead but, when Nick and Hank question Troyer and his daughter, they get nothing. One minor lead does come via Wu when he tells Nick about the golden feather discovered on Isaac’s body.

While Nick and Adalind continue to make nice as roommates, the second Weten Ogen, Eli, makes his move on the already freaked out Frankie. He gets an in as Frankie’s bodyguard and, after getting the mobster/club owner alone, goes in for the kill, only to meet the same fate as Isaac. When Nick and Hank go to question the slowly unraveling Frankie, they find a second golden feather on Eli’s body. Like Isaac, Eli’s the son of a prominent official—this time it’s Lionel Kemper, Union boss. They end up briefing Monrosalee on what’s been going on and the two Wesen tell the detectives of the Maagd Zoektocht, the maiden quest like the fairy tales of old. The question remains for the good guys, who’s behind it all.

Emily took her objections to being just a prize for he suitors personal–just like her father intended

We know it’s Daniel Troyer and so does Amanda Proctor. She approaches Frankie Adkins and directs him at Troyer as the man behind the attempts on Frankie’s life. He confronts Troyer minutes before Nick and Hank—after receiving the story from Amos—arrive at the scene. Troyer woges in front of Frankie and it throws him into shock. But it’s a woged out Emily that sends him over the edge. Troyer gets shot in the scrum and admits the truth to his daughter who’s been the one killing her potential suitors. Turns out, the quest was never about the men but about her and Emily’s actions have deemed her worthy to take over the family business. Sounds like a closed case…

After a long day, Nick and Adalind share another moment at home when a motorcycle crash outside draws Nick’s attention. He goes to investigate and—well, it’s none other than a heavily beat down Trubel…

The Grimmtastic

Similar to last week’s “The Lost Boys”, there’s not too much in the way of the Uprising plot line but there are a few new developments that’ll pay dividends over the coming weeks.

  • A letter from Rosalee’s past is a reminder to us—and her as well—of Rosalee’s shady past. She brushes the news (the death of a mysterious Carlos) off but her reaction was anything but unconcerned.
  • It looks like the first bits of temptation are hitting Nick in his unique arrangement with Adalind. He may not be over Juliette’s death but the relationship he’s building with Adalind, coupled with the bond they share over Kelly, is breaking down his preconceived (and understandable) notion about the hexen biest. Methinks it’s only a matter of time before the two take comfort in one another.
  • Looks like Renard’s been called in as a potential endorser of this Andrew’s mayoral candidacy. We know next to nothing about this new character other than he has a history with the captain. Andrew’s importance in things to come has yet to be determined but it’s hard to believe that he’ll be just an ancillary character. A leader of the Uprising perhaps? We’ll have to wait and see…
  • Welcome back, Theresa Rubel! Considering she gets no more than ten seconds screen time, that’s all I can say for now. Next week I hope to find out just what Meisner’s been doing to prepare her for this war with the Uprising.