Earlier this year, DC Entertainment’s latest Batman video game ‘Arkham Knight’ blew us all away with it’s in depth story, cohesive fighting system and driving missions in the Batmobile for the first time in an ‘Arkham’ game! To celebrate the success of the ever popular game series, our friends at DC Collectibles have released several waves of action figures based on ‘Arkham Knight’, and today we’re taking a look at one of the latest releases, the Gamestop Exclusive ‘Battle Damaged Batman’ figure!

This 7” scale ‘Battle Damage Batman’ figure is massive! The figure manages to pull off the heavy, armored look without coming off as too bulky. Based on the designs from the hit game, this Batman figure is proportioned very well! The sculpt is truly extraordinary, with loads of detail shining through on literally every surface of the figure. One thing that stands out is that if you even look closely at the figures inner thigh, what would normally be a flat black surface has a grooved armored weave pattern to it. It’s little details like this that make this figure stand out from the crowd.

‘Battle Damage Batman’ is essentially a repaint of the previously released ‘Arkham Knight’ Batman figure, but this time he’s got plenty of mud splattered all over him, as well as some dings and scuffs on his armor. While the ‘Battle Damage’ is only a slight variance to the standard figure, it really does add a lot to the look of the figure, as fighting crime is usually a pretty dirty job! The battle damage paints have been applied to the figure in a very subtle manner, so that they are there and obviously present, without being overdone. I especially love the mud effect that begins heavily at the bottom of his cape but gradually wears thinner as it goes higher up. If you don’t have the standard release of this figure, this Gamestop Exclusive ‘Battle Damaged’ variant is definitely the one to go with!

Batman comes packed in a glorious five-sided box that features artwork from the ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ video game. The box itself is beautifully designed and is very appealing. The back of the box showcases several of the other figures in this line, like Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, and The Arkham Knight himself. While most figures in this line are numbered as a part of the series, as a store exclusive this ‘Battle Damage Batman’ remains un-numbered. Inside the package Batman is safely secured in his plastic tray with several twist-ties, with his accessories also held snugly in place.

As far as accessories go, ‘Battle Damage Batman’ comes packed with a Batarang, a Line Launcher, and an alternative Left Hand that is designed to grip the Line Launcher better. The alternate hand seems a little superfluous, as they could have just as easily just made that his basic left hand rather than giving us the other already open hand at all. Still, it’s a nice touch that just goes to show how much DC Collectibles is dedicated to giving us top notch product! The Batarang and Line Launcher accessories themselves look like they have been ripped right out of the game, and look great!

It’s worth noting just how well articulated this figure is! When you look at this figure against some of the figures in previous ‘Arkham’ toylines, this guy blows the old stuff away! One area that shines brightest as his double jointed knees and elbows! Articulation like this allows him to crouch and stand much easier for display, as well as reach a much wider array of action poses!

With a superb sculpt, terrific articulation, and great character design that looks like it jumped straight out of the ‘Arkham Knight’ video game, this ‘Battle Damaged Batman’ figure is a great addition to any Batman fans collection! Speaking personally as a guy who says he “has too many Batman figures already”, this piece easily shines as one of the best Batman figures released to date. The team at DC Collectibles has really blown themselves away with this one, and it nearly puts much of their previous product to shame with just how good this is! If ‘Battle Damaged Batman’ is any inkling of what we can expect from future DC Collectibles releases, fans have a lot of amazing action figures to look forward to!