With ‘The Dark Tower‘ picking up steam at least one big name actor has been approached and it sounds as if Matthew McConaughey (‘Interstellar‘,’True Detective’) is in talks to play one of the starring roles. Which role? Well conflicting reports have him both up for the hero Roland Deschain or The Gunslinger as well as the villain Randall Flagg who is also known as The Man in Black.

It should be noted that previously McConaughey was up for the role of the villain in the adaptation of ‘The Stand‘ which actually is another instance of Randall Flagg so while it seems more people would love to see him in the role it could be carry over from trying to get him cast there. Honestly, it would have been better for us all if the studios in charge of both of these films could have cut a deal with him to play the villain in both sets of films and really get some horror continuity happening.

Not everything needs a cinematic universe but this would have been a fun fit.

I’m looking forward to what Nikolaj Arcel has planned for this series and do think that McConaughey could play a good version of The Gunslinger as long as they don’t have his usual good looks shining through in every scene he’s in.

For this part though, I think I would prefer seeing McConaughey as Flagg. He has the charisma that The Man in Black has shown both throughout the serious and in other Stephen King novels that he has shown up in. Also I feel that we need someone a little bulkier for playing The Gunslinger. I know that acting wise he has the chops to pull it off but visually I’m just not as happy with him in the role.

Are you looking forward to there finally being a big screen adaptation of ‘The Dark Tower’? Would you rather see McConaughey as the hero or villain in this story? Who else do you think could tackle either of the roles? Share your thoughts below!

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