Dammit Jim, he’s The Doctor!  What would you give to see two of the greatest science fiction properties of all time– ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Doctor Who’— crossover?  Well, Steven Moffat, the brains behind the modern day revival of ‘Who’ is in your corner.

Moffat admitted that he would do a mashup between the two “in a heartbeat” but don’t expect it to be part of CBS’ new streaming series.  And while Matt Smith’s eleventh Doctor shared an adventure with the ‘Next Generation’ crew in comic book form, should a live action merger happen, Moffat insists on going Old School.

“If it crossed over with ‘Star Trek’, it would have to be real ‘Star Trek’​.  It would have to be Captain Kirk and Mr Spock. It has to be the Doctor meets Mr Spock – that’s the one you want.”

But don’t plan on seeing it just yet.  ‘Star Trek’ is a massive property for Paramount, who are very protective of the long-running franchise and ‘Doctor Who’ is the flagship series for The BBC.  These sorts of things don’t just happen.  These businesses– and they are businesses at the end of the day– are concerned with the bottom line more than anything, even making fans happy.  Add to that, ‘Doctor Who’ is a TV series and ‘Star Trek’– at least the version Moffat is referring to– is a movie series.  Don’t expect Chris Pine and company to go slumming on TV, especially on on basic cable.  And at the same time, is ‘Doctor Who’ mainstream enough to draw audiences to theaters?  Does the ‘Trek’ franchise even have room for a ‘Who’ storyline when they only do one movie every three years or so?

Moffat seems to dismiss the idea as a fan fantasy, saying:

“I mean, would I do it? Yes, in a heartbeat. I think you might find the Americans a little bit trickier to deal with!”

So maybe another comic book meeting is more realistic.  Until then, you may have to resort to fanfic and fan art, if you want to see how The Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver fares next to a Tricorder.

Would you like to see a ‘Trek’/’Doctor’ crossover?  Which Doctor would you prefer?  And while we’re at it, which version of the Enterprise crew would you prefer, Chris Pine’s modern take or classic Shatner?

Source: Digital Spy