Simon Pegg, like many, hates the ‘Star Wars’ prequels.  What separates him from the average fanboy though is of course he is now PART of the ‘Star Wars’ process, serving as a consultant on ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ and appearing in an unrecognizable role as an alien.  But equally unique is that Pegg is also firmly a part of ‘Star Trek’ history, playing Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in the film franchise, including 2016’s ‘Star Trek Beyond’ for which he also provided the finished script.

A few months ago, Pegg was asked by a journalist to rank the ‘Star Wars’ films from worst to best and predictably, the three prequels ranked below the original 1977-83 trilogy.  With ‘The Force Awakens’ due to arrive in little over a month, the media is reaching out to everyone involved for any tidbit of information on the new film and that includes Pegg, who discussed his involvement in aiding director J.J. Abrams who departed the neo ‘Star Trek’ brand to assume control of rebooting ‘Wars’.

“To knock out ideas with J.J., and every single day, whether you were on the set of something you recognized or a set that was brand new, it just felt like ‘Star Wars’ in a way that I hadn’t felt in 32 years. It was genuinely magical.”

Not magical?  Those damn prequels.

“I don’t really have any respect for anyone who thinks those films are good. They’re not. (They’re) a monumental misunderstanding of what the (original) three films are about. It’s an exercise in utter infanticide … (like) George Lucas killing his kid.”

Honestly, even if someone actually did like (or even love) the prequels, it’s to the point that they couldn’t possibly admit to it without incurring the disdain of ‘Wars’ fans who know better.

It is a bit odd that the prequels were crafted by George Lucas, the mastermind behind the very concept of ‘Star Wars’ who created this entire mythology.  Pegg’s colorful “infanticide” comparison is hard to argue, but one has to wonder how Lucas must react knowing that the revival he delivered so horribly disappointed and angered his fan base, while the new movie created without his involvement is being seen as a redemption… “A New Hope” if you will.

Oh well, as long as folks are asking, Pegg is sure come up with more vitriol to describe the maligned ‘Phantom Menace’, ‘Attack of the Clones’ and ‘Revenge of the Sith’.

What’s your take?  Is Pegg just saying what we’re all thinking?

Source: Blastr