In the latest potential blunder from a network executive, it seems that while CBS is fully intent on bringing another ‘Star Trek’ show to fans who have been asking for a new show for quite some time, they will not be airing it on television. Instead, they want to take it straight to streaming on the CBS All Access app. Check out what CBS head Les Moonves had to say about it:

“I think Star Trek is the type of show that could bolster CBS All Access and put it on perhaps the same footing as Netflix or Amazon…[Star Trek’s fans] are some of the most passionate fans in the world, and we can see millions of them joining All Access.”

So according to the folks at CBS, people will shell out $6 a month just to watch ONE show. Even if it is ‘Star Trek,’ which does have a huge fanbase, that does not at all seem like a good plan. The last ‘Star Trek’ show on the airwaves was ‘Enterprise,’ and it got cancelled due to terrible ratings, and that was when they were giving it away for free over the airwaves. And now they think they will have a hit on their hands when people have to pay money to see every episode? Get with the times CBS! The “All Access” app simply does not feature enough content to warrant paying the same price as Hulu or Netflix, both of which have access to shows from a number of different networks and studios, and are constantly updating their libraries.

Now do not get me wrong, I would definitely want to watch a new ‘Star Trek’ show, but not to bolster a faulty app by a network that has long since tried to take advantage of their viewers by up charging their website and refusing to make deals with other online distributors (and if you refute my claim about the app being faulty, try sitting through the commercials on CBS All Access, the volume on which changes from ad to ad, some being excruciatingly high, making it difficult to sit through without adjusting the volumes levels constantly.)

What are your thoughts on CBS forcing fans to pay to watch a new ‘Star Trek’ show? Am I completely in the wrong? Would you hand over $6 a month just to watch new ‘Star Trek’ episodes? Share your opinions below!

Source: Cinema Blend