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Academy Award-winner Nicole Kidman may bring some major star power to the Patty Jenkins-directed ‘Wonder Woman’.  Although Warner Brothers had no comment, Kidman is reportedly in talks to play a high ranking Amazon warrior alongside Gal Gadot.

If she signs the dotted line, Kidman will only be the third actor confirmed for the comic book adaptation, following Gadot and Chris Pine, who is playing the romantic lead Steve Trevor.  The film will reportedly take place in different time frames and the villains are rumored to be Ares the God of War and sorceress Circe.  Just an observation, Circe has been depicted as having red hair– a trait Kidman is also famous for.

Circe, though also of Greek myth-origin, isn’t actually an Amazon in the comics, but the film could very well deviate from the source material.  ‘Man of Steel’ after all, deviated quite a bit from comic continuity and the rumors regarding the other DC films imply that the same will hold true for further installments.

Of course another possibility is that Kidman may play Queen Hippolyta (right), Wonder Woman’s mother.  Hippolyta leads the Amazons, one of the mightiest armies of the ancient world.  But after a crushing defeat at the hands of Hercules, Hippolyta and her forces settled on the hidden island of Themyscira in the Bermuda Triangle, where they dwelled isolated from the modern world.

On the classic ‘Wonder Woman’ TV series, Hippolyta was played by Beatrice Straight and later (and more famously) Carolyn Jones (also known as Morticia Addams on the original ‘The Addams Family’).

There is one other possibility for Kidman’s role, albeit a more remote one: Artemis, a red-haired Amazon from a renegade tribe who briefly replaced Diana as Wonder Woman.  She has appeared in various adaptations and her depiction have varied.  Sometimes she is a rival of Diana’s.  Sometimes she is an ally.

But though still quite a Glamazon, Kidman may not be a suitable physical rival for Gadot’s Diana.

If Kidman signs on to ‘Wonder Woman’, this will actually mark her second big screen DC movie.  In 1995, she played Dr. Chase Meridian, the female lead in ‘Batman Forever’ opposite Val Kilmer as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Would you like to see Nicole Kidman in ‘Wonder Woman’?  If so, who should she play?

‘Wonder Woman’ hits theaters on June 23, 2018.

Source: The Wrap