While news of ‘The Crow‘s demise may keep coming it looks like director Corin Hardy is actually still on board for the film. With Relativity Media having put all of their film projects on hold while trying to avoid bankruptcy and word of Hardy being ready to leave the film emerging it seemed that it was the final nail in the reboot’s coffin. That isn’t the case as we’ve learned when he participated in a recent phone interview with Den of Geek.

According to Hardy:

“I’m absolutely involved. It’s been frustrating that we’ve had this delay, but it’s something that I’m looking forward to continuing the work that we were all in the thick of when the Relativity situation occurred. It’s a movie that I’m incredibly excited and passionate about, and something which had a big effect on me as a 17-year-old watching the original film and reading the graphic novel.”

With Jack Huston having left the title role, they still will need to work out casting a lead actor once again once Relativity has its financial situation sorted out. However, if they aren’t going to get it sorted soon they do have to deal with the lawsuit from Ed Pressman who would get the rights to the film back if it is successful. Regardless of who ends up making it, if a reboot has to happen I just hope that James O’Barr is still on board to consult on bringing his creation to the big screen.

Maybe they should just go back to his original request of having Sam Witwer take over as Eric Draven.

What are your thoughts on Hardy still wanting to tackle ‘The Crow’? At this point with all of the issues should they just give up on a film that many have always said shouldn’t be remade to begin with? Share your thoughts below!