You see a lot of crazy things at a comic convention. From intricate costumes to elaborate booths to an all-star line up of guests from all corners of entertainment, there are just a ton of unique and interesting things to be found in all corners of the show floor and beyond. But at this year’s New York Comic Con, ‘Jurassic World’ went above and beyond to make it known that it’s coming to Blu-ray and DVD on October 20, 2015. Not only did Universal Pictures bring in star Nick Robinson to promote the release, but they also brought a piece of the park as well in the form of the iconic front gates and a real live velociraptor that escaped from Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure theme park. And while the creature was behaving for a few minutes, we had the chance to speak with Robinson about his involvement in the highest grossing movie of the year.

Before he was scheduled to open the towering gates of Jurassic World that welcomed NYCC attendees to the floor on Saturday morning, the actor behind Zach Mitchell in Colin Trevorrow’s nostalgia bomb of a film took a few moments to talk with Robinson discussed going from a small indie picture called ‘Kings of Summer’ to this big budget blockbuster, the various types of merchandise available for the beloved dinosaur franchise, and where he hopes his character will be in the sequel, all while expertly avoiding the raptor behind him. You can check out how that all goes down in the video below:

In case you were wondering, yes, it is very distracting when you’re conducting an interview and you’re not sure whether you’re about to get eaten by a raptor. I mean, it measures over nine-feet high and can run up to 60 mph, so I’d be a goner for sure. But in all seriousness, it was super cool to learn that Zulu was brought up to New York from the Universal Studios Resort in Orlando for the con. She was quite an interesting feat of puppetry that allowed the person inside to have a surprising range of movement. It definitely made for some entertaining interactions with the younger con goers.