We have a surprisingly new name pop up for a character who may be returning from the afterlife on HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones‘ as Sibel Kekilli (‘When We Leave’,’Head-On’) has been seen on set! It is kind of surprising to talk about a character returning who isn’t Jon Snow but things seem to be pointing that way. On the show itself, if things weren’t hard enough on Tyrion Lannister at the close of the last season it seems that his true love Shae might be making an appearance once more. Of course this could just be a case of the actress visiting friends on set.

Right, no one is going to believe that for a single minute. So is she coming back from the dead? Will we find out that Tyrion didn’t actually kill her? Is this a flashback scene or a hallucination?

Sadly, we won’t know for a few months as of yet but here is the proof that she was at least on set, if not in costume.

Though look who she did end up talking to while on set…

If the Twitter account is to be believed though there is one very large piece of ocnfirmation that we’ll see Shae on the small screen again.

So if all three above are accurate and an all black number for her outfit isn’t completely out of the question we’re going to be in for quite the interesting character return. My personal money is on a dream, hallucination, or memory.

What say you? Has Shae returned from the afterlife or is there another reason her character is being brought back? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend