Production has already begun on ‘Star Wars Episode VIII‘ and director Rian Johnson (‘Looper’,’Brick’) is said to be looking for an additional two female leads to join newcomer villain Benicio del Toro (‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘,’Sin City’). Initial reports had just one new female lead joining the cast while an update claims that there are two “substantial” characters being added to the film.

At this time there is no word on who will be portraying these two leads but we do know the names on the short list and they include Gina Rodriguez (‘Jane the Virgin’,’Filly Brown’), Tatiana Maslany (‘Orphan Black’,’Eastern Promises’), and Olivia Cooke (‘Bates Motel‘,’Ouija’) who are all up for one of the roles while Gugu Mbatha-Raw (‘Jupiter Ascending‘,’Odd Thomas’) is the unofficial lead contender for the second. However, with Mbatha-Raw also on the shortlist to play Marion in the upcoming Lionsgate version of ‘Robin Hood: Origins’ which is set to film at the same time it is unclear which role she will end up going for. Also potentially unable to join the cast is Cooke who is set to co-star in ‘Ready Player One‘ for Steven Spielberg which may share filming times with the film.

Before the prequel trilogy was released it would have been a no brainer for most actors to take a role in the ‘Star Wars’ universe but these days a lot is riding on J.J. Abrams’ upcoming ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ does for the worldwide perception of the ‘Star Wars’ universe. Of course, with the mega blockbusters they’ve helped promote the Marvel Cinematic Universe into I think that most of us are expecting good things.

While all of these actresses do amazing work, after the cult following Maslany has received from the outstanding ‘Orphan Black’ I think she would make a great addition for the cast and has my vote.

I’m curious though. Who would you like to see join the ‘Star Wars’ universe? Share your thoughts below!

‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ is set to hit theaters on May 26, 2017.

Source: Screen Rant