According to Ridley Scott, in a recent interview with German film site FilmFutter, there might actually be three ‘Prometheus’ sequels coming along. The revelation came about when asked if the new ‘Prometheus’ sequel would link directly back to ‘Alien,’ though it should be mentioned that this quote is translated from the original German, so potentially some information might have been warped in translation:

“Yes, but it won’t be in the next one. It will be in the one after this one or maybe even a fourth film before we get back into the ‘Alien’ franchise… The whole point of it is to explain the Alien franchise and to explain the how and why of the creation of the Alien itself. I always thought of the Alien as kind of a piece of bacterial warfare. I always thought that that original ship, which I call the Croissant, was a battleship, holding these biomechanoid creatures that were all about destruction.”

What is worrisome about the statement is when he suggests that he wants to do all of these sequels before returning to the ‘Alien’ franchise, which definitely does not fit with the timeline for Neil Blomjamp’s rumored ‘Alien 5.’ We had already heard Scott was pushing to do the ‘Prometheus’ sequel first and wait on the new ‘Alien’ movie, but if Blomkamp is being asked to wait until Scott does all 3 of these sequels, he, his actors, and his team might lose interest. Unless that was Scott’s plan all along, as maybe he wants to helm the next ‘Alien’ movie when he has set everything up with the ‘Prometheus’ sequels?

What are your thoughts on carrying on the ‘Prometheus’ story, with first film set to begin production in February (so far we know Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace will be back in their roles from the first movie). Let us know in the comments below!

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