When we last saw Carnage in Kevin Shinick’s ‘Superior Carnage’ and Cullen Bunn’s ‘Superior Carnage Annual,’ he was leaving quite the body count in his wake. The fan favorite Spider-Man villain was up to his old tricks and showed that he was just as vicious and ruthless as ever. However, as part of Marvel’s next crossover event ‘Avengers & X-Men: Axis,’ it looks like Cletus Kassaday is turning over a new leaf. I know, I don’t believe it either!

Later this month, the psychotic symbiote returns to the pages of Marvel Comics in ‘Axis: Carnage’ #1 and we’ll be seeing him taking on a role we’ve never seen him in before. Just like the rest of the Marvel Universe, it seems like Carnage is among those whose lives are being turned upside down during Rick Remender’s ‘Axis’. As weird as it sounds, heroes are becoming villains, villains are becoming heroes, and it doesn’t look like Otto Octavius/Superior Spider-Man and his mind-swapping technology is involved. Now, before the limited series from Rick Spears hits the shelves at your local comic book shop, check out our first look at Kassaday’s heroic turn with these exclusive unlettered pages in the gallery below:

Paint the Town Red! Your First Look at AXIS: CARNAGE #1!

This October, peer into the mind of one of the Marvel Universe’s most vicious villains as he becomes…its greatest hero?! Marvel is proud to present your first look at AXIS: CARNAGE #1, the new limited series spinning out of the highly anticipated Avengers & X-Men: AXIS! From writer Rick Spears and newcomer German Peralta – the symbiote psychopath is back in NYC, only something’s a little bit off. The events of AXIS have turned this psycho serial killer into a crimson crusader of justice – only he has no idea how to be one! As the Red Skull’s evil washes over the planet, we need a hero like never before – and Carnage is it! Be there when the Marvel Universe gets a glimpse of its newest protector in AXIS: CARNAGE #1 – hitting comic shops and digital devices this October!

AXIS: CARNAGE #1 (of 3) (AUG140734)

Written by RICK SPEARS



FOC 10/06/14, On-Sale 10/29/14

What do you think about this first look at ‘Axis: Carnage’? How do you think the stone cold killer will fare on the right side of the law? Share your thoughts in the comment section.