I personally believe that the creatives behind ‘The Flash’ are just as anxious to premiere the new season as we, the fans, are to watch what they have in store for us. It would certainly help explain all the promotional material, photos, and clips already released, which while welcome, is just vague enough to leave us desperate for more information.

Case in point, the CW has recently released over 20 pics from the upcoming season of ‘The Flash,’ which hint at many events and plots to come. For example, there are a lot of pictures of Caitlyn and Ronnie, with Ronnie wearing the quantum splicer still that separated him from Victor Garber’s character. But since we know Garber will be starring in ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ and Ronnie Raymond will not, its almost as though they are teasing something might happen to Ronnie. There are also a number of the pictures which seem to take place at a celebration of some sort, and based on the attire of some in the crowd and the colors on display, it might just be a Flash appreciation day, as the hero is greatly loved by his city in the comics, and clearly they want to continue that on the show.

Also shown are a shot of Harrison Welles, and while some say it might be a flashback, I wonder if maybe this is our first look at the new Harrison Welles hailing from Earth 2. There are also a lot of pictures of The Flash himself, though not yet with the new suit, meaning we will probably not see Cisco design the new Flash costume for at least a couple of episodes. And most telling of all, are the shots of the villain the Atom-Smasher, making me wonder if the villain crashes “Flash Appreciation” day to bring our hero to task.

Who knows? But I am certainly looking forward to the return of ‘The Flash’ on October 6th! Check out the images below, and then let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

SOURCE: Collider