Technology news website Engadget debuted a new web series about five individuals who are among the top 100 finalists for the Mars One expedition.

Mars One is a Netherlands-based nonprofit that aims to send the first people to Mars in 2026 with the hopes of establishing a colony in 2027. In 2013, over 200,000 people applied and most recently 100 people were chosen to move on to round three.

‘Citizen Mars’ documents five of these 100 candidates. They range from all over the world and have different reasons for why they want to go to Mars. While many of them are aware that they will never see their loved ones again, the series features their friends and family members, making the potential severing of these relationships all the more difficult.

The series includes interviews from a few experts sharing their reservations about the project. For them, the actuality of Mars One is very unlikely. There’s a huge chance that the travelers may not survive, and the challenges of starting a new colony teeter on the edge of disaster. There are so many factors—delusion included—that could keep this mission from being successful.

However, our five protagonists say they’re prepared for the multitude of consequences of leaving Earth. As one expert puts it, the Mars One project, successful or not, gives us the opportunity to dream. And the five candidates prove just that.

Whether it’s an ambition of an average person wanting to do something extraordinary, the human desire to explore, or a way to encourage others to discover new things, it’s hard to completely deny that human beings will make their way to Mars. It may not be in 2026, but reaching new heights has always been a predominant trait and ‘Citizen Mars’ does a fine job portraying it.

Below is the first episode and you can watch the entire series now on Engadget.