When ‘The Flash’ debuted on The CW last year, mild mannered Barry Allen was introduced to a whole new world. This was a world of masked vigilantes and super-powered villains. But by the end of the first season, things got even weirder. Time travel, alternate timelines, and other dimensions came into play thanks to the adventures of the Fastest Man Alive and his various foes. And as we saw during the season finale, that stuff isn’t going away any time soon. Now, thanks to the latest promo for the upcoming second season of the second show set in the Arrowverse, we get a glimpse at two characters that will play a part when the popular DC Comics series returns next month.

During the last episode of season one, we saw lots of Easter eggs scattered throughout, including a very familiar silver and gold helmet. Although at San Diego Comic-Con, Geoff Johns revealed that it was in fact a story point because we would be seeing its owner Jay Garrick on the series. Played by Teddy Sears of ‘Masters of Sex’ and ‘American Horror Story,’ longtime fans know Garrick as the Golden Age Flash from the 1940s. However, this version is said to be from Earth-2, another world accessible via the wormhole above Central City. The vintage speedster won’t be the only person from Earth-2 we’ll be seeing either as Atom Smasher, who will be played by WWE Hall of Famer and ‘Haven’ star Edge AKA Adam Copeland, will also make his way through the void to cause trouble for Barry and the team at Star Labs.

But before we see what sort of trouble these two bring through the wormhole, we get a quick glimpse at both Jay Garrick and Atom Smasher ahead of their appearances on ‘The Flash.’ A brand new promo for Season Two teases their involvement in the premiere titled ‘The Man Who Saved Central City’:

What do you think about the new promo for the Season Two premiere of ‘The Flash’? Are you excited to see Jay Garrick, Atom Smasher, and other new faces on the fan-favorite superhero series? And what other problems do you think Barry Allen will face because of that wormhole? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.