Big changes have been coming to Marvel Comics for some time now. We’ve seen new and secondary heroes such as Hawkeye, Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel, Silver Surfer, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Inhumans step into the spotlight. Classic heroes like Spider-Man, Thor, and Captain America have also gotten modern makeovers as new people took up their iconic mantles. Now, that trend continues this winter when someone else becomes the all-new all-different Hulk. And not only is he incredible, but he’s totally awesome.

Marvel announced today that as part of the All-New All-Different Marvel line, the star of Greg Pak and Frank Cho’s upcoming ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’ would be teenage super genius Amadeus Cho. In a press release issued by the company, Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso not only shared his excitement for a new Green Goliath in the Marvel Universe, but Amadeus’ excitement for being a superhero:

“Come December, the one true Hulk will be a 19-year-old Korean-American ‘boy genius’ who is going to carry the burden of being the Hulk like it weighs a feather. He’s going to love every minute of it.  In this new series, we are going to lean hard into the fantasy aspects of being the Hulk.  It can’t be all bad, can it?”

This is most certainly a different take on the Jade Giant, but what happened to the original one? While no details are available regarding the whereabouts of Bruce Banner, the description of the new series does tease us in typical Marvel fashion. Check out the synopsis of the new book below:

The mystery behind the new Hulk’s identity has been revealed! But what has happened to the original Hulk, Bruce Banner in the previous eight months? All will be revealed – and the answers will surprise you! But one thing is for certain – Amadeus Cho is a completely different kind of Hulk. Not tormented, not conflicted. Just a giant green wrecking machine who loves being the Hulk! What could possibly go wrong?

With Cho becoming the new Hulk, this marks the second major Marvel hero to receive an Asian-American connection. Last year during the ‘Original Sin’ storyline in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’, True Believers were introduced to Cindy Moon, a Korean-American teenager bit by the same radioactive spider as Peter Parker that grows up to become the web-slinging spider-hero Silk.

As an Asian American who grew up loving Marvel Comics, it’s so great to finally start seeing some major representation of Asians at the House of Ideas. From their characters to the creators behind the latest titles, it’s clear that the company is committed to making their comics as diverse as their readers and the world around us.But what do you think of Amadeus Cho starring in ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’? Are you looking forward to reading this title following ‘Secret Wars’? And what do you think happened to Bruce Banner? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.