‘Gotham’ returns to Fox on September 21, 2015 and will further explore the dangerous city in the years between the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne and the emergence of their brooding son Bruce as Batman.

In Season Two, expect Bruce, played by David Mazouz, to slowly ease closer to his cloaked destiny.  In this brief clip, fans gets a taste of things to come as Bruce and Alfred, played by Sean Pertwee, explore a mysterious cave on the grounds of Wayne Manor.

Of course, in the classic mythology, Batman runs his crime-smashing crusade out of the Batcave, a subterranean lair, filled with high tech gadgets, but unfortunately, Mazouz has clarified that this particular cave is not that hideaway.  In that case, what clues to the past are locked within this stronghold?  And what part with they play in his predetermined evolution.

Watch the brief clip below:

What will they find?  A giant penny?  A model T-Rex?

Er… probably not.  At least not yet!

What wonders do you hope to discover?  Turn in when Gotham returns on Sept. 21!

Source: Newsarama