With filming for ‘Suicide Squad‘ having wrapped up ,Jared Leto has decided that it is time to say goodbye to his rather outrageous hair. With The Joker now behind him, at least for now, its out with the green and in with the, really short haircut! How short? We don’t really know but considering how short his hair was already and the picture you’re about to see it is easy to imagine that there’s not much left.

Lets take a look at how Leto has said goodbye to the crazy in his life.


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Well that is one way this Oscar winner can kick his locks to the curb. Now we don’t know what his hair looks like after the trim but you can’t help but imagine that there isn’t much left. What you can’t argue with though is that it has been a rough year on Leto’s hair having gone from super long…

Going going… #?

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… to the Joker look …

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…and now chopping off what little was left! Still, it’ll probably be quite a return to normality after what he’s been up to for the past few months. Honestly a part of me kind of hoped that the role was going to spiral him into madness and have him stay in character until he was filming the ‘Batman’ movie.

Are you excited to hear that ‘Suicide Squad’ has finished shooting? Sad to see that Leto’s green and pale look is gone for now? Share your thoughts below!

‘Suicide Squad’ will be released on August 5th, 2016 and stars: Cara Delevingne, Jai Courtney, Jared Leto, Joel Kinnaman, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, and Will Smith.