Things aren’t looking good for ‘Man of Steel 2‘ as the sequel is said to be on “Permanent Hold.” While no stand alone Superman film might be in the works, we do know that Henry Cavill will still have plenty of screen time as the character in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘ as well as the two ‘Justice League’ films. The original plan from the studio had called for both a standalone ‘Batman’ film and follow up to ‘Man of Steel.’ To our knowledge, the ‘Batman’ film is still a go. However, where the films would fit in the already packed schedule that DC has through 2020 is unknown and now it seems that Luthor has found a way to deliver Kryptonite to its production.

Last we had heard there was a rumor that George Miler (‘Mad Max: Fury Road’) was being tapped for the director’s chair and while it could still prove to be true it almost seems unlikely with the new status. While there is no reason listed on why the movie is being delayed with the earliest release date most likely in 2018, there doesn’t need to be a rush on pushing it forward at this time.

It also should be noted that Kryptonite itself isn’t fatal and while the film is on hold, it has not been cancelled so fans shouldn’t give up hope about Superman returning. With a potential to show up in ‘Suicide squad 2‘ and countless other DC properties I don’t think think there is any reason to worry about a lack of Clark Kent on the big screen.

What are your thoughts on the “Permanent Hold” of ‘Man of Steel 2’? Do you think DC is second guessing the next Superman movie or do they really just have too much on their plate to give it the attention it deserves? Share your thoughts below!

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is slated to open in theaters on March 25, 2016.

Source: Screen Rant