True ‘Star Wars‘ fans are going to want to check out flying the friendly skies in Japan on All Nippon Air with the latest airplanes they are using. To celebrate the release of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ they have converted two of their existing aircraft to look like the fan favorite R2-D2 and the new droid BB-8. If you don’t think an external paint job is enough to grab your attention they go a bit further by adding Star Wars decor inside of the planes as well as various amenities which include ‘Star Wars’ themed headsets and the original six movies being available on demand. While this may seem ridiculous to some, I say if we’re going to get ‘Star Wars’ theme parks that this is perfectly all right!

I’m going to bet the films from the original trilogy will be Lucas edits and not the original cuts.

Still, starting in October you’ll truly be able to have a unique Star Wars experience in the sky as the planes first launch. You can watch the video below for all of the details:

Now this seems like one absolutely cool idea. A perfect way to celebrate the launch of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ and give proper tribute to one of the best science fiction franchises to have been created! Well, assuming the upcoming film can help wash away all of the painful moments from the last trilogy that Lucas put out.

If you were looking for a closer look at the planes we also have the artist’s rendering of the BB-8 themed airplane which you can check out below:

While the practical effects version of this little droid looks out of this world, I have to give it to the R2-D2 themed one as having the better look between the two.

Tell me folks would you happily take to the air in one of these ‘Star Wars’ themed airplanes on a trip? Do you prefer the R2-D2 or B-88 look? Share your thoughts below!

Source: IGN