George R.R. Martin has shared a little about the ending for ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the plan is to give us a bittersweet finale. That being said what is surprising is that the ending, which hasn’t been written yet, is inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien. As he says, we’re not going to get “some horrible apocalypse” but an ending that will most likely leave us satisfied if not happy with the outcome. I’m wondering how much of this may end up being eluded to in ‘The Winds of Winter.’

That’s right folks, we’re going to be getting an ending that will show us something along the lines of Frodo having saved the world in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ but forever remaining haunted by what he has experienced. One almost has to wonder if the dwarf and hobbit analogy could go together and we see Tyrion Lannister as our Frodo. Of course, he isn’t quite as likable in the novels as he is on the TV series but that doesn’t mean he won’t end up being the final savior of Westeros. The other option I could see here would be fan favorite Jon Snow with his resurrection seemingly at hand.

What parts of Tolkien’s work could specifically be used when we see the final pages of Westeros come to an end? According to Martin:

“I mean, it’s no secret that Tolkien has been a huge influence on me, and I love the way he ended Lord of the Rings. It ends with victory, but it’s a bittersweet victory. Frodo is never whole again, and he goes away to the Undying Lands, and the other people live their lives.

And the scouring of The Shire – brilliant piece of work, which I didn’t understand when I was 13 years old: “Why is this here? The story’s over?”

But every time I read it I understand the brilliance of that segment more and more. All I can say is that’s the kind of tone I will be aiming for. Whether I achieve it or not, that will be up to people like you and my readers to judge.”

So our tale will come to a close and leave characters not whole. With Martin putting his characters though a Hell that can only be rivaled by Stephen King, I’m almost worried about what “not being whole” could truly end up meaning for whoever does survive the upcoming ordeal. There is still no word if the next book will drop before the sixth season of ‘Game of Thrones‘ but we have quite a bit to look forward to.

Can you wait for the next installment of ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’? Are you at all surprised that Martin has a “bittersweet” ending in store for us? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald