Take a deep breath Penny and Leonard shippers, things may get even rockier than where we last left the couple during the season finale last spring. It seems that the show has recently cast the hilarious Melissa Tang (‘Mom’) to play the woman Leonard kissed while away on his expedition, a fact that was revealed to both Penny and the audience in the finale while the couple was driving to Vegas to get married.

According to sources, the September 21st premiere will take place only a few hours after when the finale left off, with Leonard and Penny still enroute to Vegas, with the show currently casting for the role of a minister. Whether or not they actually get married is anyone’s guess, though Leonard’s infidelity revelation is most likely going to be a major factor for Penny. And with Melissa Tang scheduled to appear in the second episode of the season, she will either show up to A.) Test the newly married couple’s resolve and help Penny get over what happened, or B.) If the couple breaks up in Vegas, act as a kind of rebound for Leonard, though I really do not think Leonard and Penny will necessarily break up. Of course, there is a third option wherein the couple does not get married but still stays together in the premiere, wherein Melissa Tang’s introduction will cause another rift for them, eventually leading to a break up, but I am just not sure the show necessarily wants the couple to end it at this point. Especially if the Sheldon/Amy drama continues to unfold, I’m not sure the show can survive with both of the main couples on the rocks for this long.

What are your thoughts on the casting and appearance of the woman Leonard chose to cheat on Penny with? Is the show delving too much into drama when comedy has always been its bread and butter? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: TVLine