Beating on the new ‘Fantastic Four’ movie has already gotten old and it just opened yesterday  .  But it’s safe to assume that Fox’s planned 2017 sequel (much less a franchise) won’t be happening.  Is it time for another reboot?

Probably not, but Adi Shankar has ideas, in case Fox (or Marvel) needs some help getting the First Family of comics back on their cinematic feet.  Shankar, a producer of the failed 2012 reboot ‘Dredd’ (based on the long-running British comic ‘Judge Dredd’) and the viral ‘Dark Power Rangers’ short film has ideas for Reed Richards and the gang… and they involve the X-Men.

While interacting with fans in a Facebook Q&A, Shankar revealed that he would like to apply his signature dark style to the team that kicked off Marvel Comics:

He later released a video elaborating on these plans and offered a peak into one angle he’d like to explore.

Many fans have wondered why mutants are hated and discriminated against in a world with actual gods flying around, along with radioactive spider teens and, well Hulks.  Super soldier Captain America is a national hero, but Wolverine, a result of the Canadian government’s Weapon X program is hunted with extreme prejudice.

Shankar seeks to address that topic head-on with Reed Richards looking into mutations as compared to other beings with powers who obtain theirs through other accidents or other means.

Fox was planning a ‘Fantastic Four’/’X-Men’ crossover film.  Could this be Shankar’s golden opportunity?

Probably not.  It’s unlikely that this iteration of the ‘Fantastic Four’ will ever assemble onscreen again.  And Shankar’s work tends to be extremely violent and “adult” with graphic drug use and sex.  While nearly everyone who watched his ‘Power Rangers’ clip were blown away with the high quality of it, many purists were put off by just how bloody it was and the depiction of Zack in particular as a drug user with an… edgy sexual appetite.

If Shankar were to play with these toys, it would most likely be in another of his self-made internet videos… which may be just fine.  It offers an alternate, more mature look at a known concept without the weight of it being canon.

This site was one of the few that didn’t run the controversial ‘Power Rangers’ video when it first appeared on Youtube a few months ago.  If you still haven’t seen it, you can watch it below and get a taste of Shankar’s style:

Would you be interested to see Shankar’s handling of the ‘Fantastic Four’ and the ‘X-Men’?  Or was the Josh Trank film bleak enough?