With the first few episodes in the can, it seems the creators of ‘Jessica Jones’ have allowed some screenings of the new show to get feedback on the product, with one of the few who have seen it being the creator of the character, Brian Michael Bendis. While admitting that he himself did not have much to do with creating the show itself (due to his commitment to Sony’s ‘Powers‘), he seemed extremely happy with the end product so far, practically gushing as he sung the praises of the show on his personal Tumblr account:

“The show is so good. I have seen the first couple of episodes and because i didn’t work on it directly i can say this with full no ego fanfare: i loved it!! …And believe me, i was going to be the hardest on it.  harder than any of you… Jessica is a part of my DNA. A bad jessica jones show would have hurt me deeply…BUT it is faithful and lively and everything that I could personally have wanted from the show.  the mean streets of marvel netflix from a different perspective than matt’s but at the same time… it all fits.  just like the comics on their best day. and just like Netflix DD, the look of the show is cracklin’ noir but with its own palette.

I did not work on the show because I’m working on Powers, and I can’t be everywhere, and also the show was ALWAYS in very very very good hands. I had read the very first drafts of Melissa Rosenberg’s pilot when it was at ABC and i was so flattered by her faithfulness and just getting why we made the book in the first place. i met with the assembled writer’s room and had the surreal experience of finally being in a room where i knew the answers to people’s question.

Krysten Ritter is soooo good. and Michael Colter.  wait until you see michael colter. the casting of luke cage, in my opinion, and have said this to everyone behind the scenes, is as strong and spot on as the casting of tony stark. its probably the hardest to cast and they got it perfect.”

‘AKA Jessica Jones’ is slated to premiere on Netflix sometime this fall, and based on the words of the creator, it will definitely be worth checking out.