It sounds like we may finally see ‘Hellboy 3‘ greenlit if ‘Pacific Rim 2’ does well at the box office. There is no word if this is from the outpouring of support from fans, Ron Perlman‘s persistent campaigning, or just fate but Legendary Pictures sounds to be willing to finance the film. Well, they’ll finance Guillermo del Toro’s last installment of the ‘Hellboy’ trilogy as long as the sequel to ‘Pacific Rim‘ makes whatever profit level that the studio is hoping for.

This is by no means a guarantee that the movie will happen though this is the closest that a studio has been to financing the film. All I know is that regardless of what the reason is that finally has Legendary Pictures considering a return of Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. to the big screen, I am excited for it!

With del Toro saying that he needs $120 million to make ‘Hellboy 3’ work how he has envisioned it, ‘Pacific Rim 2’ will have to highly out perform the original in the US market for this to become a reality. Also, with that price point in mind, del Toro says that the money needed is “a little beyond Kickstarter” which could be the reason why Perlman was so against using crowdfunding to try and make the movie. Even with an outpouring of support from fans that seems a number that is too high of a mark to be hit from crowdfunding for a movie.

While I would love for ‘Hellboy 3’ to be made, I do very clearly remember that it wasn’t the US market that made ‘Pacific Rim’ a reality but the Asian markets. Hopefully word of mouth and Blu-ray sales from the first film will get more people into theater seats for the sequel stateside but I’m not sure what the actual chances of that here might be.

Are you looking forward to a chance at ‘Hellboy 3’ finally happening? Do you think ‘Pacific Rim 2’ will make enough to convince Legendary Pictures to finally pony up the cash? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend