Easily one of the most popular toylines of the last decade, Marvel Legends has surged in popularity, died down, and made a rather triumphant return to the collectors market. This week at San Diego Comic Con 2015, Hasbro unleashed a hoard of phenomenal looking new figures for the 6″ scale Marvel Legends line that should keep fans happy for quite a while!

There isn’t a lot of information available as to which series each figure that has been announced will be fitting into, although it’s probably safe to assume that the waves of figures being released will continue to be generally ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Everybody Else’ themed as they have been the last two years.

New figures revealed include…


Mockingbird, Classic Captain America, Taskmaster

Classic Captain America will come with alternative parts to make Werewolf Captain America

Venom, Ben Reilly Spiderman, Spider Gwen

Ben Reilly Spiderman will include alternative parts to make Spider-Carnage

Jack O’ Lantern,  Morbius

Beetle (Female), Speed Demon


Build-A-Figure Absorbing Man

Build-A-Figure Red Onslaught

Walgreens Exclusive Irredeemable Ant-Man Eric O’Grady

Walgreens Exclusive First Appearance Daredevil

The Marvel Legends toyline continues to grow with each passing year, and our tiny 6″ scale Marvel Universe fills in more and more with each new figure released! We’re in a golden age of action figures with the release of figures people thought we would never see made like Werewolf Captain America and Eric O’Grady Antman! Be sure to stay tuned to ScienceFiction.com for all the latest Marvel Legends updates from Hasbro at SDCC 2015!

(Images via Marvelous News)