Unfortunately, it seems that Lucasfilm will not be revealing much information at San Diego Comic Con this week about ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ (the first of the anthology films), but that is entirely forgivable due to all of the coverage they have for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ which will hit theaters this December. Fortunately, that does not mean that the ‘Star Wars’ rumor mill has stopped working, which is how we received the latest bit of information about potential villains for the anthology film.

Now take this with a grain of salt as nothing has been confirmed just yet, but according to sources, actor Ben Mendelsohn‘s unnamed Moff character is poised to be the chief villain in ‘Rogue One’ (aside from Darth Vader of course), and he will be recruiting a team of Bounty Hunters to help him “quietly retrieve” the stolen Death Star plans from the heroes of the film. The Bounty Hunter team, if true, will be comprised of Boba Fett, Bossk, Dengar, Zuckuss, 4LOM, IG-88, and most exciting (once again, if true), Cad Bane himself, in his live action premiere and first appearance since being in ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars.’

Remember, nothing is confirmed, even Mendelsohn’s casting is not official just yet, but it would make for an interesting film to see a group of Rebel scoundrels stealing the plans while another group of Bounty Hunters tracks them down. Of course, as others have pointed out, it might also bog the movie down to have so many characters in the line-up, especially well-known and established characters like the ones comprising the Bounty Hunter team, but in the right hands this could work. And to see all of those characters on screen-together would definitely build up fan-excitement, which is what Lucasfilm needs to draw audiences to ‘Star Wars’ stories that do no revolve around the Skywalker clan or the fate of the Jedi.

What are your thoughts on the villains of ‘Star Wars: Rogue One?’ Let us know your opinon below!

Source: Bloody Disgusting