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Put this under the “rumor” heading and take it with a bag of salt as the buzz around Comic Con is that a director for the next ‘Star Wars’ film will be announced at today’s ‘Star Wars’ panel. Who could it be? Well, according to Heroic Hollywood, it’s none other than the helmer of ‘Jurassic World,’ Colin Trevorrow.

The choice does make sense as Trevorrow has taken a franchise 20 years old and after 2 utterly disappointing sequels has managed to bring the franchise back to its original glory with his $1.4 billion box office blockbuster. I’m sure Lucasfilm and Disney are hoping he can do the same with the ‘Star Wars’ franchise.

If Trevorrow is tapped for ‘Star Wars IX,’ he would be following Rian Johnson’s work on ‘Star Wars VIII’ who, admittedly, was also a surprise choice to helm a ‘Star Wars’ film. At one point there was a rumor that Johnson would be helming and writing both ‘Star Wars VIII’ and ‘Star Wars IX’ but the studios have only officially confirmed he’ll be working on the former.

Again, this is still just rumor and nothing will be official until today’s panel at 5:30pm. That’s when we’ll either be celebrating with the Ewoks or I’ll be walking around with a big dinosaur egg on my face.

More to come…