Listen up, DeadHeads – the new ‘Fear the Walking Dead‘ promos are here, and so are many many opportunities for me to make terrible ‘food’/’eating’/’drinking’ zombie references, so prepare to sink your teeth (1) into this article, as well as to feast your eyes (2) on these snappy new videos. I regret nothing.

For those of you that have been thirsting (3) for more zombified action since the Season 5 finale of ‘The Walking Dead‘, get ready to have that thirst quenched (4) by these new promos from the spinoff series, ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’

Robert Kirkman, whom also penned the comic books (the more you know!) is also on board to pen ‘Fear,’ so fans of the books shouldn’t find the smorgasbord (5) of dead, and soon-to-be-dead too hard to swallow (6).

Slated to air on AMC in August, the series will follow a new rag tag group of characters staring Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis, Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam-Carey, based in Los Angeles, before the post apocalyptic sh*t hit the proverbial fan, so to speak.

These quick, all be it effective in getting the point across, videos don’t really put the ‘Fear’ into me, but rather the excitement of the show to finally arrive so that I can quit chomping at the bit (7) for some more ‘Walking Dead’ style nibbles (8).

Its been all summer, I cant take it anymore. I miss Darryl Dixon and while these clips are a sorry substitute for that glorious man, I’ll munch (9) on whatever these showrunners will give me.

With that, lets scarf (10) down these videos, shall we.

Video one – Here we have an unsuspecting ‘June Cleaver’ type, that looks like she’s about to get chewed (11) on. Put those pudding pops in the fridge and lock your god damn door before you become dinner (12) woman.

Video two – After-School-Special Annie, is taking a page right outta the ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ playbook here. Something tells me she’s going to get more than some unflattering tan lines from the nearby lurker. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, kids.

Video three – Sadly the most terrifying thing about this video is not the zombie (wearing questionable footwear), its the fact that clearly these kids are so stoned they don’t even notice a blood drenched walker in their midst.

With the Comic Con panels well underway in San Diego this weekend, it wouldn’t be surprising if there was another, longer (god willing) and better promo for ‘Fear’ to be revealed.

Stay tuned here for updates as we soldier on.

Final food’/’eating’/’drinking’ zombie reference count: 12