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It looks like Anne Hathaway (‘The Dark Knight Rises’,’Alice in Wonderland’) is joining the ranks of actors in giant monster movies as she is set to star in an upcoming one titled ‘Colossal’! Any news on a new giant creature feature has my attention and one that has a major star attached means it’ll likely be getting a wider release! Nacho Vigalondo (‘Timecrimes,’

‘Open Windows’) will be directing the film and is being described as an odd mixture where “Godzilla meets Lost in Translation”.

I actually had to pause for a moment when I read that as I wasn’t quite sure how you mash up those two films. From the early description we know the following:

The story follows a woman named Gloria, to be played by Hathaway. She’s just your typical, everyday woman going through a rough patch. When she loses both her job and fiancé in short order, she leaves New York to return to her hometown and heal. That’s when things start to get interesting. News reports surface about a giant lizard that is wreaking havoc on Tokyo, and Gloria comes to realize that she has a connection to these distant goings on, and needs to figure out exactly what it is to prevent further chaos and devastation.

My guess is that she is going to head over to Tokyo directly and not being able to speak the language have a whole slew of issues with her being there while trying to figure out her connection to this giant ongoing monster attack all while having problems with the language barrier. That is my first guess at least.

Vigalondo actually spoke about the film a little last year when he mentioned that he’d like to include an actual person in a giant rubber suit that is stamping around a model city. Even Toho’s next ‘Godzilla’ film is set to use CGI so this may very well be one of the last chances at seeing a giant rubber suited monster on the big screen.

Are you looking forward to seeing Hathaway in a giant creature feature? Do you think that the base idea of ‘Colossal’ sounds good or is this a mash up that is just slightly too strange to think of? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend