There’s something funny going on in the DC Cinematic Universe, which is odd considering how serious they want their movies to be. It seems Chris Pine, after all the rumors of his being offered the part of Steve Trevor in ‘Wonder Woman’ (the WWII intelligence officer who Diana falls in love with and follows back to the mainland), has also been offered the role of Hal Jordan (the Green Lantern audiences are most familiar with, last played by Ryan Reynolds in 2011’s regrettable ‘Green Lantern‘ film). And it seems it has indeed been confirmed that the actor has been offered both roles, and that Warner Bros wants him to choose one ASAP as they would like him to join their panel onstage this coming weekend at San Diego Comic Con.

Why is this funny you might ask? Well it is more strange than funny, because it almost seems as though the two movies are competing for the same actor, which honestly should not be happening as they are both working with the same studio on a connected universe project. Of course, as others have pointed out, it might just be that we are used to the cohesion and company politics of Disney/Marvel in the MCU, where actors, scripts and movies are planned out well ahead of time and have the same people working together, where it would never come to pass that Marvel would allow two of its projects to fight over the same actor.

Of course, the real question is, which role will Chris Pine choose? He could fit rather well in either, but my guess is that he will probably choose to play Hal Jordan, as he will not only get to be a superhero in his own right, appearing alongside the rest in the ‘Justice League’ films, but he will also get his own stand-alone film in 2020, and I cannot imagine a situation where an actor would choose to be a bit player in someone else’s franchise when they could get a chance to star in their own franchise.

I’m guessing we will not know for sure until this weekend at Comic Con, but feel free to share your thoughts and predictions in the comments below!

Source: BirthMoviesDeath