Check out the Behind the Scenes clip from SyFy’s upcoming ‘Sharknado 3,’ wherein the stars of the movie discuss where the third film of the franchise goes after destroying LA and New York, the answer of course being Washington DC, not to mention the rest of the East Coast (called Feast Coast in the film), where multiple Sharknados spring up in the third film, many of them farther inland than in the previous movies (at one point Frank Muniz’s character even talks about the various Sharknados combining into a Sharkicane, which sounds just dumb enough for this franchise).

In the film, one of the characters is at Universal Studio Orlando Theme Park when a Sharknado hits, which allowed the filmmakers to shoot inside the park, which excited the director, Anthony C Ferrante very much. In his words:

“We’re shooting Universal Orlando as Universal Orlando…I don’t think there’s any instance of a monster movie where they’ve actually used the theme park as a theme park…I went and location-scouted it and we started coming up with all of these ideas…It’s like, ‘What if the shark is in the loop de loop of the roller coaster and it just keeps going up until it grab the car?'”

Of course this is the ‘Sharknado’ franchise, so I’m not surprised by any of the insanity seen/heard in the Behind the Scenes clip, and I have to admit I will probably at some point sit down to watch at least part of the third installment, just to see what level of absurdity the creatives behind this phenomena go to next. And of course, the larger question, is this the final installment of ‘Sharknado?’ Or will we get a fourth entry where the sharks take Europe? Only time will tell! Until then, check out ‘Sharknado 3’ when it premieres in SyFy on Wednesday July 22nd at 9pm.