Video game adaptations are difficult movies to pull off and ‘Uncharted‘ is hitting a new rough patch as not only is the script being rewritten but Seth Gordon (‘Horrible Bosses’,’The Goldbergs’) is no longer attached to direct the film.

Ever since Tom Rothman took over as Sony’s chief, he has been up in the air on what to do with the movie. Instead of cutting the budget on it again, he has decided that a new direction was required which prompted Gordon’s exit from the project.

While a change in directors can spell bad news for films, this is one match I had always been a little wary of. Gordon has proven over the years that he can have the light hearted parts of the film down pat but he doesn’t have much experience with the action adventure side that would make this ‘Indiana Jones’ styled video game character truly come to life on the big screen.

At this time while we know that the script is being worked on, there is no news if Mark Boal‘s most recent version is just getting a revision or if an entirely new one is being penned. There is also no word as to who will be taking over on writing duties. Previously a script by David O. Russell had been announced while Mark Wahlberg was still attached to portray Drake but those have both long since changed. With how far out we now are from the movie going into production, casting is of course not announced but I’d still love to see Nathan Fillion in the role or these days Chris Pratt might be a good fit for it.

Are you excited to hear that there are changes being made to ‘Uncharted’ or did this ship sale with how long it has been in development? If it does push forward who would you like to see play the part? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: Heroic Hollywood