3D printing has come a long way in recent years from manufacturing a ratchet wrench on the International Space Station to making materials for a steel bridge in Amsterdam. 3D printing has even also made its way into the art scene from ceramics to jewelry.

Stefanos Anagnostopoulos began working with 3D printing in 2014 and recently created a haunting Joker mask inspired from ‘Death of the Family’, a 23-issue Batman comic published in 2012. Anagnostopoulos’ mask is directly from a scene where the Joker peels off his own skin.

Joker Mask By Stefanos Anagnostopoulos

Anagnostopoulos told 3DPrint.com about his inspiration to create the Joker mask.

“I was thinking of making something out of the DC Comics and for me the only thing that comes to mind first is Batman Universe, but I always like the bad guys. I was looking at this comic my brother has, called ‘Batman Death of the Family’ and I love what they did with the Joker, so I gathered some pictures from the comic and the next day I started modeling the face.”

Anagnostopoulos used a digital sculpting program called Zbrush to create the texture of the skin and face. He printed the mask in six separate parts using a program called Rhino3D. Once the pieces were printed, he glued them all together and used plastic filler to fill in the gaps. He then added the finishing touches with acrylic paints and varnish.

Anagnostopoulos’ shared his design files on MyMiniFactory, a free download platform where designers can share their printable files for other 3D printing enthusiasts. If you take a look at his page, you’ll see some of Anagnostopoulos’ other mask designs for Ant-Man, the Red Hood, and Ultron.

Source: 3DPrint.com