In this issue, Catwoman exclaims, “They say your enemy’s enemy is your friend,” and that is certainly the truth as strange bedfellows join forces, although that certainly isn’t without some resistance.  Allegiances are modified, another classic villain dies (after the death of Metallo earlier) and the Crime Syndicate has its first casualty, but unfortunately as a result the door is opened for an even great evil to invade the mainstream DCU (Earth 1).

The characterization in this issue is fantastic and highlights Batman and some of DC’s most iconic villains.  Even Captain Cold, who really only has a couple of lines, has one KILLER line that helps define him.  Sinestro gets a much larger role and really kills it, but Black Manta and Deathstroke also get sweet moments.  And we get a Lex Luthor/Batman pissing contest (with Catwoman whispering in Batman’s ear) and who doesn’t love that?

The pacing is good, but emulates the movie “quick cut” style shifting back and forth between scenes.  It’s not that hard to follow, but is a tiny bit choppy.

David Finch’s art is excellent as usual.  No complaints there.

But what we’ve ultimately ended up with is a ragtag Legion of Doom with Lex Luthor, Sinestro and Batman jockeying for control.  Batman just assumes he’s in command, but Catwoman quickly points out that he’s out of his… *ahem* league.  Will Batman be able to throw in with these killers and thieves for the greater good?  What happens after that?

Well, we know that Lex Luthor is getting his own comic, so there’s a hint.

One thing that made me pause and actually laugh a bit at is that in the narration, Lex Luthor states that it was 48 hours ago that the Crime Syndicate invaded and took over this world.  Funny it seems like that happened my ENTIRE LIFE AGO!  Sigh… sorry.  I’m all for good storytelling.  I’m sure this series will read great in trade format, but as a monthly comic that has almost no impact on the DCU as a whole, I’m like “GET ON WITH IT!!!”  Or maybe I’m just on my computer too much and want everything immediately.



Written by Geoff Johns
Art and Cover by David Finch