It seems that there may already be some friction in the new partnership between Marvel and Sony. Not long ago we got a shortlist of six actors who might be the new Spider-Man. Now we hear from Jeff Sneider, a reporter for ‘The Wrap’ and host of the podcast ‘Meet the Movie Press,’ that the list has been narrowed down to just three candidates: Tom Holland, Charlie Plummer, and Matthew Lintz. That’s right, according to what Sneider heard, Asa Butterfield is no longer being considered for the role of the new Spider-Man.

Things start getting contentious when it comes to which one of the final three to chose. Apparently the people at Marvel think that Plummer is the right kid to play Peter Parker, while Sony is set on chosing Holland. That does make you wonder, if the two studios already have their picks, why is Lintz still being considered? It’s possible he’s being considered as a compromise candidate, but that’s just speculation.

While we’re speculating, some people are thinking that the disagreement might delay the shooting schedule for the upcoming ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ causing it to get get pushed back to July from June. Sneider himself is betting that Holland will win out in the end, due to it being easier to schedule filming for a 19-year-old than it is for a 15-year-old and since Sony is the one paying for everything. At this point, I wouldn’t call anything decided. Hollywood execs are famously fickle and we just don’t know what’s going on behind those closed doors.

Personally, I know a lot of people were hoping for Butterfield to get the role, so there’s going to be a lot of disappointment out there. But Marvel’s done mostly a good job so far, so they’ve earned a bit of trust. The real problem is that Sony hasn’t earned nearly as much trust. The quality of the Spider-Man movies under their helm has varied wildly. It’ll be interesting to see just who really does get the role in the end and how well they play it. Until then, stay tuned.

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