There are some very strong hints surfacing that the upcoming ‘The X-Files‘ revival will be revisiting the classic monster of the week thriller episode titiled “Home.” The six-episode run is said to contain episodes that are both standalone and related to the alien mythos but this is the first time we’ve heard that it could also be attached to other past cases that Mulder and Scully have worked on.

For those unfamiliar with “Home,” it was the second episode of the fourth season and has gone down as one of the more memorable non-alien episodes of the series. While violence and more are pretty common these days, this episode was the first of ‘The X-Files’ to receive the “viewer discretion advised” warning before it aired and the only episode of the series to carry a TV-MA rating. In it, Mulder and Scully end up on an infant death investigation in Home, PA. The investigation had them look into the Peacock family who were a extremely deformed due to a long history of incest and the story line ends in quite the bloody battle.

So what hints of a follow up have been uncovered? Well, to start with we’ve found out that the second episode of this tenth season will be titled “Home Again.” Similar name and episode placement aside, there is quite a bit more going for it as well. The episode is set to be directed by Glen Morgan who is one of the two original writers of “Home.” On top of that, there is a new character in the episode said to be named the Band-Aid Nose Man. While none of this is set proof that we’re getting a direct follow up, we are getting an episode that is set nearly 20 years later which is long enough time for what was left of the Peacock family to have either met up with more of their clan or to have started extending their family once again.

Of course, everything above could just as likely be a tribute to the original story as it is a follow up. We really won’t know until the new series is a little closer to airing, though I’m extremely curious how they will plan to either revisit or honor this past stand out monster of the week episode.

What are your thoughts on ‘The X-Files’ revisiting “Home”? Do you think we’ll get an actual sequel to the original or just one that gives tribute to it with a shocking new tale? Share your thoughts below!

‘The X-Files’ will return to Fox on Sunday January 24th, 2016

Source: Screen Rant