As one of the two major known villains in Marvel’s upcoming ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ we’ve all been wondering what Crossbones would look like when geared for taking on Captain America and now thanks to new concept art we’ve got our best look at him! When we last saw Frank Grillo (‘Warrior’,’The Purge: Anarchy’) as Brock Rumlow he was just following his orders as an agent of Hydra and things weren’t looking that great for him. I have a feeling some scarring will explain why he is wearing a mask in the movie unless he is just trying to protect his identity. What I can’t help but wonder is if he is here just to scuffle with Captain America out of revenge, if he is now a mercenary working for the highest bidder, or if Baron Zemo is actually coordinating his attacks as a ranking member of Hydra and is the latest head of the organization bent on world domination.

Let’s take a quick look at what Rumlow is wearing these days courtesy of Heroic Hollywood:

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One thing that is noticeable here is the gauntlets that he is wearing. As in the bulk of the runs of the comics he has no actual physical enhancements or super powers and I suspect that he is wearing them in order to augment his punches. No matter how bulked up he is there is only so much he can do against the cinematic Steve Rogers without a little help which I suspect these are meant to provide.

Plot wise there are quite a few directions they could go with using Crossbones in ‘Captain America: Civil War.’ There is the chance he could just be used as a minor villain to square off against the character much as Batroc the Leaper was used for a minor fight near the beginning of ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier.’ He could be used to incite the the Superhuman Registration Act in the film. In the comics this was caused by a super villain called Nitro blowing up in a town called Stamford causing the deaths of over 600 civilians with at least 60 of them being children. After years of civilian deaths, this was the final straw that pushed the Act into happening and having super heroes register with the government. There are rumors that something big goes down in the UK that helps push it here and a fight with Crossbones could just end up going in that direction. Finally they could use him as they did in the comics which would come into play at the very end of the movie and to mention it here if you are unfamiliar with it would probably ruin the film for you.

What do you think of Crossbones’ new look for the ‘Captain America: Civil War’? Do you feel that these gauntlets will actually help hurt Captain America? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

‘Captain America: Civil War’ hits theaters on May 6, 2016.