Adam Nimoy recently launched a Kickstarter Campaign to launch a documentary centered around his father and the character of Spock, appropriately enough titled ‘For the Love of Spock’ (missed opportunity here, ‘Spockumentary’ is clearly the better title).

It was a project he had conceived and presented to his father shortly before his death, and Leonard Nimoy had been fully onboard, ready and willing to be a big part of the film before his health began to decline. The documentary is meant to trace the history of the character and Nimoy’s work portraying Spock over the 50 years that the character has been around. The Kickstarter campaign, hoping to earn close to $600,000, will help Adam Nimoy facilitate interviews with friends, family and colleagues of his father’s as well as pay for clips and pictures from the ‘Star Trek’ franchise, and finally help pay for time in the edit bays once Adam has gathered everything he needs to put the documentary together.

Of course, since his father’s death, the project has changed in some aspects for Adam Nimoy, changing from a tribute to Spock celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the franchise into something more personal for Adam as he felt the need to “speak more personally about his father.” In the younger Nimoy’s words:

“Although I had initially intended to take a somewhat detached, objective view of the subject matter, more and more people involved in this film have urged me to interject some of my own perspective on what it was like growing up with Mr. Spock in the house, and how Dad’s new-found celebrity and meteoric career affected my life.”

As stated before, the campaign is trying to raise over $600,000, with rewards that include rare ‘Star Trek’ memorabilia and artifiacts, and a chance to meet Adam Nimoy in the editing room as he works on the project. Also including in the Kickstarter announcement was news that Zachary Quinto (aka Spock 2.0) has agreed to narrate the documentary, which will help bookend the Spockumentary about Leonard Nimoy and his time with the character with the man who is currently playing Spock.

Source: Blastr