There is no movie I want to see be made more than ‘Hellboy 3,’ so I’m happy to report that Ron Perlman (‘Sons of Anarchy’,’Pacific Rim‘) is rallying fans to have the film actually happen! ‘Hellboy 3’ is something that everyone from director Guillermo del Toro to the fans have wanted, but studios are just passing on it left and right. Perlman has decided that perhaps by using the power of the Internet, he could get enough interest and involvement to actually see the film get greenlit.

Trust me, as a huge fan of Mike Mignola‘s comic and Perlman’s portrayal as the character, there is nothing I would love to see more than this happen.

Here is what Perlman had to directly say on the subject and I’ll link both the Twitter and Facebook comments here so for those who want to like and share it’ll be a little easier for you to do so:

Perlman might be pushing for a new film but he has help. Doug Jones (‘Hellboy’,’Falling Skies’) who played Abe Sapien in the films took to Twitter to share his support as well! I’m glad to see that he has enjoyed playing his character just as much as Perlman has loved being Hellboy.

While del Toro last said the project wouldn’t happen, it wasn’t because he didn’t want to do it but that the studios wouldn’t finance the film they would want to do. I’m not quite sure why the recent push to have ‘Hellboy 3’ created and the franchise turned into a trilogy but if there is even a glimmer of hope that it can happen, I am all for it! This probably is more wishful thinking than anything, but who knows? Maybe it will help lead to having the big red guy back on the big screen one last time.

What are your thoughts on a third ‘Hellboy’ movie? Would you love to see them be able to complete the story that they have in mind or has it been too long with ‘Hellboy 2: The Golden Army’ having been released in 2008? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend