Over the weekend, original ‘Twin Peaks‘ stars Sheryl Lee and Sherilynn Fenn appeared at Seattle Crypticon on a panel devoted to Showtime’s revival of the famously quirky 80s mystery series with some pretty big news and assurances to assuage any nervousness that fans might be experiencing regarding the at times troubled production.  The biggest news is that Showtime has agreed to double its order for new episodes of Season Three, from nine to 18 episodes.

This comes on the heels of news that eccentric director David Lynch had stepped back behind the camera after reportedly walking away due to conflicts with the network, originally stated to be over finances, but now apparently also over the number of episodes that Lynch felt were necessary to tell the story he envisioned.

As Fenn, who plays Audrey Horne on the series, put it:

“I’m so happy we’re back on…and 18 episodes now, even. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened with the hiccup was that David said that he saw ‘Twin Peaks’, but the universe and the strings go all over the place in the world, it’s not just Twin Peaks. I think when he did the nine, he realized he needed nine more to complete it.”

Fans concerned about certain elements being altered from the cult favorite original series should be relieved to learn that some elements will certainly be intact. Fenn assured:

“We’re shooting [in the original locations] 100%…[David’s] already come here. They’re re-doing the RR diner to look exactly like it did in the show, and then the owners of the diner are going to keep it that way.”

She also announced that the new shows will include the moody music of original composer Angelo Badalamenti, “Those are pivotal, important, essential parts of it,” the actress proclaimed.

You can actually pour yourself a damn fine cup of coffee and watch the entire panel below, in which the actresses reveal some tasty behind-the-scenes anecdotes about making the original show.

Are you a fan of the original?  Are you looking forward to Season Three, especially with so many of the original elements intact?  Comment below!

Source: Collider