Another year, and the Denver Comic-Con is getting bigger yet again. This time the buzz is that we have jumped up to one of the top three or four regional Comic-Cons in the United States, and I can believe it after how busy it’s been the last few days. Today, the last day of the geekfest, was a bit slower, but still plenty of interesting people and good cosplay, along with celebrities and sessions out the wazoo.

The timing isn’t coincidental that there’s a show opening up with its signage hanging over the road just around the corner from the convention center:

And apparently at least one car was just waiting for people to doodle on it:

Lots of fun seeing everyone in their costumes, sometimes obscure, sometimes just cheery.

My photos, with an occasional snarky or flip comment after:

She assured me “this is my real hair. And it’s so hard to know what to do with it!”

In case you wonder how the “line up to pay for a photo from your favorite b-list celebrity” looks, particular before things get busy.

… and sometimes cosplay heroes walk alone after all.

Even this guy’s friends didn’t know who he was, though. But at least he wasn’t feeling blue…

Tell me you don’t want to make one of these. So fun!

Sick bay on the Enterprise or just an insurance company trying to get into the swing of things at Comic-Con? You  tell me. But next time, let’s fix the stool!

“For the last time, get that $#@$#&% grip off the set before we start rolling!”

Just guessing this guy might have some anger issues to work out…

I didn’t recognize this foursome, but is one of the characters Ambivalent Man, in black & white?

What a doll!

Someone really liked the LEGO Movie, eh?

Captain America, the early years. When he apparently needed bodyguards.

One of many artists in Artist’s Valley, this is my friend Steve Oatney showing off some of his drawings.

Your guess is as good as mine what the gal in white is adjusting.

How many times do we need to be reminded: don’t feed them after midnight!

My award for most realistic costumes. Or maybe they really were cops. Hmm…

And finally, rather surprisingly, someone reading a comic book as a way to chill out at Comic-Con. Go figure.