We have two videos for you today about Warner Bros and Rocksteady Studios upcoming video game ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’: the first is a gameplay video showing off Batman and Nightwing’s teamed up fight using a feature called Dual Play, and the second is ‘Arkham Knight’s’ newest trailer that features live action.

So here’s how Dual Play works: when Batman teams up with one of his allies, the player can choose which of the duo they would like to control. By just a press of the button the player can switch between heroes almost instantaneously any time within battle, leaving the other character to be controlled by the game’s AI.

According to the video, switching between characters will be useful for powering up and taking advantage of combos. One combo that is particularly useful during Dual Play is what they call, with the most serious of expressions, “Super Combo Takedowns” in which Batman and his ally will pair up for a double attack that will immediately knock down their foes.

Nightwing, using his electric tasers, is the ally shown off in this video but they promise that this Dual Play feature will be available for many of Batman’s allies, including Catwoman.

‘Arkham Knight’ is aiming to include as many characters from the Bat-family as possible – including a playable Batgirl, who will be available through the ‘Batman’ Season Pass.

You can check out how Dual Play looks in action in the video below, which also features a brief Q&A at the end covering some of ‘Arkham Knight’s’ upcoming features, including its story, the city of Gotham itself, new gameplay, and the Riddler.

Also check out ‘Batman Arkham Knight’s’ new live action trailer with the tag line “Be The Batman”:

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ will be out on June 23rd for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Windows PC.