Last summer, at San Diego Comic Con International, Warner Brothers threw DC Comics fans a bone, by unveiling the first image of Gal Gadot decked out in full Wonder Woman regalia.  Though a tad dark, the costume looked both faithful to the original comic book attire and practical enough to work in live action.  You can glimpse it again below:

And now, thanks to Umberto Gonzalez’ Instagram account,  a piece of concept art has surfaced that showcases the initial designs for the iconic super suit.  You can see it below:

#HH #EXCLUSIVE #HOT #WONDERWOMAN #promo #art from #BatmanvSuperman! Doesn’t she look fresh next to my new logo? BOOM!

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While still not exactly the vibrant hues as the outfit is normally colored in the comics, it’s still quite faithful in spirit.  And the finished costume is basically identical to the artwork– just check out the tiara, straps around her corset and the boots and knee pads.

The big difference between the two, obviously, is the cape.  Wonder Woman does occasionally sport a cape in the comics, usually for diplomatic meetings or other formal (and non-combative) situations.

But, this didn’t start until Lynda Carter donned one on the 70s ‘Wonder Woman’ TV show.  Like in the comics, the cape was a more formal addition used for more diplomatic appearances.

Check out Lynda in action below, switching from Diana Prince into the Amazon Princess, thanks to her trademark Wonder Spin:

Does the slightly brighter color scheme make this costume more appealing?  What do you think of her rocking a cape?

Source: Comic Book Movie